RSA Members

Corporate member

For companies that wishes to join the development of RSA, please download the application form below and apply to the membership committee chair.

  1. Application for corporate membership will be headed by Membership Committee Chair and the acceptance of corporate member will be determined by membership committee chair.
  2. Corporate members will be listed on RSA website.
  3. Corporate members will retain the right to use the official logo of RSA for the duration of membership for marketing purposes. The RSA name and RSA logo can be used only together with the company name (for example, a company can be marked as “an RSA member”), but not with the product name.
    Each product must have “RSA approval” to use the RSA name and logo to each product.
  4. RSA name and logo may not be used unless annual fee is paid.
  5. If a member loses RSA's honor, the Board of Directors of RSA reserves the right to suspend the member's status (determined by over 1/2 vote of the Board of Directors).

application form download

Contact: Membership Committee Chair, Li Sheng Li,